The single vineyard Gomila wines are among the best the family has to offer. It’s a unique vineyard with an exceptional terroir. Gomila Single Vineyard wines are enjoying a steadily growing reputation amongst wine connoisseurs, exclusive wines, made of the very best grapes, which are still picked by hand. The special terrain and the unique location give this Slovene wine a very distinct flavour. It is the pride of the Puklavec family, who are truly passionate about making these wines.

Gomila is produced over an 18-hectare vineyard area. Each vine yields an average harvest of 1.5 kg. 
The grapes are blessed with 2000 hours of sunshine a year and also benefit
from perfect microclimate conditions, which give warm days combined with cool nights. 
 High minerality of the soil here composing of 70% clay, 20% sand particles and 10% 
marl & sandstone ensures that the wines are crispy and this is abundantly clear in the multiple award-winning “Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc”.

It comes as no surprise that Gomila wines have won numerous awards throughout the years. “Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc” is especially popular among connoisseurs and professionals. Drinking Gomila is nothing less than a feast.  Gomila is only available retail at the higher-end, specialized wine shops, not least because of its exclusive nature. Restaurants are also increasingly offering Gomila to their clientele.