These wines are a little out of the ordinary: no regular Chateau but handpicked from Slovenia. These are our highest altitude vineyards. All the vines here are terraced, which follow the natural lines of the landscape
. On the top it is cooler: fresh, less humid and windy
conditions. The influence of the Alps and the Pannonian plain contributes here to a lighter type of soil, which is a combination of sandstone and marl. Only 2000 vines per hectare can be planted here due to the terraces. Harvesting is also later than general due to the height of the vineyards. Typical yield is 2 kg of grapes per vine.

The wines are mellow and yet reveal quite easily their varietal character. The character is best described as refreshing. This is quite simply a great wine that is not available in supermarkets. Members of clubs and foundations as well as party organisers who want to discover something new they can be proud of will find Nebo a real hit! This wine is for those who have access to members-only warehouse stores. 


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